Wing Club Park

Within the Wing Club hotel there is also a Wing park restaurant intended for both hotel guests and those who are not, therefore, all those who would like to try the various tastes of our international cuisine.
Wing Club Hotel has the epithet of an authentic place, among other things, because of its Wing Club Park, which during the summer months is a perfect combination of nature and human skills, and a kind of pleasure for our guests is a walk in the Park in the off-season.
Our park is a space suitable for organizing all kinds of celebrations.
The park has a modernly designed playground, paved with rubber, with slides, spirals, climbing frames and towers that are the main attraction for our youngest visitors.

The park contains evergreen and deciduous trees that provide pleasant shade, a well-kept lawn, as well as a garden filled with a variety of flowers, which makes it an ideal environment for relaxation and escape from the urban lifestyle.

Gallery Wing Club Park

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