Solarijum MEGASUN

We have standing and lying solariums of the latest class, manufactured by megaSun.

Along with sunbathing in our megaSun solarium, we recommend that you do not miss our special offer: MonaMie collar is a new product on the rise in the field of light therapy.

Red light, wavelength of 620nm penetrates to a depth of 10mm below the surface of the skin and affects the activity of cells.

MonaMie Coloria activates collagen production through light waves. Small, tiny wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes visibly hydrated and taut. MonaMie has UV lamps that you can combine with red light therapy and at the same time sunbathe and rejuvenate.

We also recommend from our offer

Model Alpha

It offers performance and comfort, design and new technology. Contains 44 UV lamps for the body, 4 UV lamps for the face, 2 UV lamps for the shoulders, 6x2 vitamin D lamps.

MegaSun 4800 Ultra Power (Ležeći)

32 UV lamps and 2x2 vitamin D lamps. A solarium is recommended for people with a lighter complexion.

MegaSun Optima Tower (Stajaći)

48 full body UV lamps and 4x36 collagen boosters, gives perfect tanning results from head to toe and moisturizes the skin of the face and décolleté

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